Poetry Politics

Lines in the Sand

“Hold up your peace sign
Better hope it’s bulletproof
‘Cause there’s people out there
Afraid to live under their own roof
Pull your head out of the sand
And put your nose in the Folgers
Take a look out the window
Here come the soldiers
Fighting for you, fighting for me
Fighting for your right to hold up that sign
Without them, you’d be speaking German
‘Cause of them, what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine.”

“What’s your solution?
Your answers are bullets and bombs
Weapons care not for who they hit
Who’s going to die next?  Whose father? Whose mom?
Seems all we know
Is how to sprinkle a little hate
But of course we have to be big and bad
Damn the consequences, damn our fate
Take a look at all we’ve done
Open your eyes to the true horror, the worst crime
All we know how to do is monger
And help gravedigger’s rack up the overtime.”

“I can’t believe the words I’m hearing
‘Cause what you’re dubbing my solutions
Is what the enemy calls child’s play
We’ve proposed too many chances, too many ‘resolutions’
We know, at least, where the battle lines lie
The enemy’s hatred is without discrimination
For he strikes out at his own people
And merrily poisons his own nation
Of course you have to gasp and point
Condemn us for every life that we’ve taken
But had we not intervened
Millions of innocents would be forsaken.”

“Can’t you open your eyes?
Why is it you can’t you see?
Point isn’t who’s to blame
For when lives are lost, NONE show responsibility
Doesn’t matter who’s flag’s on the bombs
Or what name you call God
All of your race, religion, creed
Gets reduced to a bloody wad
Ask yourself if all the wars won
All the dead children, husbands, and wives
Is all that glory
Worth more than ANY of those lives?”

(December, 2003)

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