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My Princess

I shall never forget when first I saw her
There was joy in the kingdom
First was bore a son
And then came this daughter

Of His entire kingdom, He cherished her the most
She was to be kept purest
Most beautiful
And never left the gates without a host

After she came to be it had been years
Before our King
Allowed us to treat our eyes to her
So stunning was she to bring forth tears

Over time I had watched the King’s son
He dealt out the judgement
Held command of armies
Now came the daughter to be the passionate one

She walked amongst her subjects on a warm windy day
Strolled with guardsman
Who lunged
When her royal headdress was blown away

Coincidence it was not that it landed by my feet
They started at me
Before I realized what it was
Guards snatched it from my grasp without such as a greet

I caught a precious glimpse of her through those around her
For all of one second our gaze met
From that moment I knew
I must do something to impress and astound her

I delve myself into magiks known to none
Amassed knowledge most dark
Tapped into potential
That of previous was held in the hands of one

Only our King himself knew might such as this
I gathered power to me
And hoped it was enough
To win his daughter’s favor, if only it be one kiss

I used my newfound powers to enter the palace
Invisible I became
To the eyes of the guards
Who held within them for trespassers only malice

I moved past the pillars, in the vast halls
Cloaked in darkness
Concealed in shadow
And walking through the walls

I found her chambers and walked through her door
She was looking in the mirror
Brushing her golden hair
I was scared to speak; perhaps the wrong words would outpour

I uttered a few words, giving my visage substance once again
“I . . .” I stammered
She turned
And I expected her to summon royal guardsmen

“You . . .” she said making my heart flutter
Did she recognize me?
Did she know my name?
I was afraid to shatter the moment, scared to utter

“Come with me.” I at last said
A smile grew on her face
I expected a frightened look
And for her to call the guards instead

She came over to me, placing her hand in mine
“Brace yourself” I said
I spoke an incantation
And we strayed from thought and time

At last we came upon a field of roses
Of all variety they were
Their mingled scent
Became a feast for our noses

I watched her stray through this paradise
With each new beauty
Her face lit up
As she devoured it all with her eyes

She turned to me and asked, “Where did you find this place?”
I looked into her eyes
“I made it for you.”
I said as the pride and love shown on my face

“The Law states life giving is restricted to my father, the King.”
She was taken aback
I clasped her hands in mine and said
“For you, my princess, I would do anything.”

I knew not whether it was the fates that had heard my wish
And I cared not
For she peered deep in my eyes
And drew me into her soul with her tender kiss

Happiness filled my heart the likes of which not known before
This one meeting and kiss
Proved not enough
We needed each other, that and nothing more

Many a time we held hands and clutched one another
Love such as ours
Could not be contained by two souls
And she wanted me to make her a mother

Not late after we bound ourselves in marriage
Now it was fitting
For my wife and I
To let our love spill out into a carriage

It was the greatest night in all my memory
The passion between us
So strong it was
It seemed to change the scenery

When I entered my beloved, the trees began to dance
Flowers blossomed
The moon shone brightest
It was as if all living in my realm were living their last

Time and again I used my powers to come to my lover’s room
I spent many hours
Kissing her belly
Loving so much the child she carried in her womb

It was on one such night, this I will never forget
I was holding my love
When sounds at the door roused my ear
And I felt my brow begin to grow wet

Guards broke down the door and tried to seize me
Strike many, I did, with my powers
But only to be with my love at peace
That, and that alone, would suffice and appease me

Great in number they were, it was only a matter of time
I should have been aware
Not with even my amassed power and wisdom
Could I see the one that crept towards me from behind

He struck such a blow as to bring me to the ground
All of one moment did it take
They gagged me
And my legs and arms did they bound

Outside was my love and I both carried
Our union was forbidden
And more anger bred in the King
To learn with his daughter I was married

The King deemed her presence to be breeder sin
He ordered her destroyed
He wanted to keep his kingdom pure
Even if the price of which was to murder his own kin

I screamed with all my being, as she was set aflame
She was lost to me
As was the child she carried
I sunk, weeping, as I knew where to place blame

Her agonizing wails echoed through my mind
I had no time to mourn
They seized my devastated form
And again took my arms and legs to bind

I was ordered to watch my paradise burn
Bound in chains
My beloved’s garden now in ruin
The King’s last act of jealous spurn

They scorched the soil, ravaged every tree
It was decreed to burn
For all time
Soot and flame for the whole of eternity

Now I sit upon a throne of ash and fire
The fruits of my labor
Punishment for love
For challenging my vengeful sire

And of all I have learned from the One Above
The most important without a doubt
Is that an angel knows no hatred, anger
And apparently, no love

(February, 2004)

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