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Infinity War Trailer First Reactions

Feast your eyes, true believers:

Infinity War Trailer

The Infinity War trailer has just dropped, and it’s a beauty.

Here are my quick takeaways:

– New looks for underground Avengers like Cap, Widow, and more, obviously
– Vision is in serious trouble, as it looks like the scepter Loki wielded in the first Avengers is being used to extract his Mind Stone
– Wakanda seems like the main front, possibly at the suggestion Cap
– Bucky is awake and ready to do some Winter Soldier’ing
– War Machine is reporting for duty and fighting at the side of Cap and his crew
– Spidey gets in over his head and Thanos makes him pay for it, possibly leading to Tony stepping in
– Hulk drops in on the Sanctum Sanctorium
– Thor meets the Guardians of the frickin’ Galaxy
– Tony calls in the Hulkbuster, but there’s no way it’s going to be enough
– Thanos appears to be using a giant gateway
– Loki is handing over the Cosmic Cube aka the Space Gem

Did I miss anything?

I’m pumped!

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