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Circuit 42 Coming to Taiyou Con 2019

Circuit 42 is pleased to announce we will be attending Taiyou Con in Mesa, Arizona. The three-day anime and Japanese culture convention will be held at the Mesa Community Center, spanning the weekend of January 11, 2019.

Since the owners and operators of Phoenix Fan Fusion, formally Phoenix Comic Fest (in turn, formally Phoenix Comic Con) announced the cancellation of their annual fall/winter convention, Phoenix Fan Fest, new and old fans of comic book, video game, and pop culture have been itching to participate in geek-centric panels, meet and greet with celebrities, peruse artist alley, and show off their latest cosplays. Taiyou Con will serve as a fantastic outlet for Arizonans to let their geek flag fly while enjoying the winter weather.

Circuit 42 members Caleb Madonia, Aliya Mack, and Miguel Martinez will be in attendance, snapping photos that J Jonah Jameson himself would be proud of, and conducting interviews and a convention roundup that would leave Pulitzer Prized planet-themed publications in the dust.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Information on the con can be found here:

Taiyou Con Main Page

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