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Under the Bridge

This one is dedicated to all the trolls...

(Apologies for falling behind on my Marvel Movie-Verse Music series. I came down with the flu and have been trying to get back on track. I hope you enjoy this while I work on the next entry.)

This one goes out to all the trolls…

Step right up
And get what you earned
Think you’re untouchable
But you might just get burned

I see right through
The game that you’re playing
Keep on talking
Like we don’t know what you’re saying

Right about now
Those eyes start rolling
You’re about to shut it down
And keep on scrolling

But you need to ask
Why you’re feeling so afraid
Do I have your attention now
Well I’m glad that you stayed

Gotta stop pretending
Your words are just wind and ink
We can all see the truth
So tell us what you really think

You want us to believe
That you really don’t give a shit
But you get so upset
When a black movie is a hit

We all went to school
And can tell when words are loaded
So when you say “PC”
We can tell your ass is goaded

Now it just might be
The thing that really kills me the most
Is that you wear the brands
But when we ask for justice you’re a ghost

Did you really think
Fake heroes have nothing real to offer
You seem to be confused
It’s all more than noise and coffers

Watching them fly and swing
Talking about power and responsibility
You gotta stop and realize
All the real world possibilities

Tales that have prime real estate
Smack in the middle of your mind
Ask you to do more than look
But to leave some goodness behind

Is that really what gets you
Anyone anywhere asking you to be better?
We want to know
So Tweet it out or maybe put it in a letter

No, no, I get what you want
You see I’ve been an angry young man too
Watching my world slip
You just want everyone to understand you

Now the world has changed
It’s definitely stranger and smaller
Getting hard to become
That movie’s badass shot-caller

You really want to believe
That all you need is a little attention
So you use all the right words
Cuz to you what matters is mentions

But you gotta stop
And really think about the next move
When everyone looks
What will you show, tell, and prove?

That attention you want
It’s not the solution to the equation
Thinking you’ve arrived
But still waiting at the station

I think I might just be
Old enough to see things clearly
Ashamed of what I’ve done
Spitting on what I once held dearly

When I tell you these things
You see me mad and can’t just fess up
What you need to know
Is that all of us really do mess up

But this old man
The one you just want to ignore
Is leaving you work
Like it or don’t you inherit my wars

Trust me when I say
Every generation stumbles and fails
You get called lost and lazy
Watch parents stealing wind from your sails

I can’t tell you enough
The one thing to best keep in mind
Every thing you do and say
Doesn’t come with a button to rewind

Those follows and likes
They might feel good in the moment
But it’s all in Sharpie
And one day you’ll have to own it

Think about all those guys
The ones that hang up on your wall
What sets them apart
Is they answered when they got the call

Every single damn day
You get the chance to get it right
Either you stand by
Or step out into the light

I get that it’s safe
Living and ruling in your mind’s castle
Everything outside your walls
Might not seem worth the hassle

But it’s in those moments
Gotta decide if you deserve those labels
Will you be lost and lazy
Or is that voice willing and able

Yeah you can go right ahead
None of us can really stop you
Just remember what I said
Because one day someone might pop you

That’s what happens when
Everyone forgets how to disagree
A bunch of wannabe kings
Squabbling from sea to shining sea

But before you go
Ask that mirror if you’re a king or a troll
Are you really building walls
Or just digging a deeper hole?

Next time you go to the trouble
Of spouting that loud-nothing nonsense
Remember I don’t mind
Speaking straight to your conscience

Those likes and follows
Are nothing but ones and zeroes
Everybody gets them
Both the villains and the heroes

You’re the only one
Who can decide what you’re gonna be
Time just won’t wait
Even if you’re sitting comfortably

You think it won’t happen
Then tomorrow you take a look
All that bait you put out
Was it even worth it setting that hook?

All those villains in the stories
Yeah they got a lot of attention too
But you can decide to be more
So how will your story mention you?

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